Eclectic Youth

by Technicolor Lies

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released December 28, 2012

Srđan Janjić - vocals
Vladimir Pantić - guitar
Filip Gašić - guitar
Borko Vesković - bass
Stefan Dunjić - drums

Snimanje, produkcija, miks - Miloš Marković, Wild Cat studio, KG
Fotografiju za omot ustupila - Dunja Dunjić
Dizajn omota - Barbara Ismailović




Technicolor Lies Belgrade, Serbia

Punk rock/alternative band from Belgrade, Serbia. Formed in the spring of 2011.

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Track Name: God of Many Names
Empty shell in a haunted room
Through holes in his eyes spotting flames,
Searching for a trace of life long gone
Pouring hope like wine again;
Electric dreams of happy youth,
Everything's like it should be
Except nobody is there again
No one that really cares

No one to give it comfort,
To shake it's steel hand,
No one to fucking kill it,
With silence left to blend

God of Many Names
It's hope has no shape
Gotta learn to scream your name or else everything was in vain

God of Many Names
Our hope has no shape
Gotta learn to scream your name or else everything was in vain

Trace of existence left behind
Time will brush it away,
Punch lines and laughter covered in dust
Nobody left to explain
Track Name: Sun Died
In the cave of life made by wind
People found the last forgotten song.
This song tells all about the time
Time slowly passes by us
About a morning that will never come
Fear hunting through the dreams
Until we disappear with the sunrise
In awoken and distant memories

The sun died, and it's never gonna come back
We have tried, to live our lives on the other side
The sun died, and it's never gonna come back
We have tried, to live it all right before we die

The sky is black, we try to find your face
Searched the forest, beneath the trees and plants
Where did you go, where have you been
I can't remember have I ever seen you at all
We pushed the limits, ignored the signs
Hidden behind the blinds and lies
Now we mourn the morning forever lonely
Asking ourselves how could it be

Look at me I have no head,
I’m completely numb!

Guilt is ripe
The time is right
I've lost my mind!

Time is of the essence,
But before we rise, tell me,
Where do we go from here,
Maybe the stars?

Strong is too weak for the couple of us,
Big is too small or the rest of us!

There's no space for the guilty ones.
Track Name: 83
Hungry eyes and a hole in the head
I thought I needed empathy
Well, there's gotta be something wrong with me

Guns blazing, sunset, misty fields
I die with honor but I kick and scream
So I guess I gave my life for something that's not here

You've made some promises,
Said some words and pulled some strings

Now I am what I am because of you

Now take control and play your tune
I jump and dance, I scream like a fool

And when you're done with me just
Toss me on the pile!

I have no name
I have no face
Maybe I’m not real
Maybe I am who cares!

I have no future
I have no past
I don't even have to try
Cause I’m not built to last!

There's no love like your love
There's no space like our place
Now betray me, kill me, lie!
Track Name: Sound of the Waves
I try to hide it from my self
Go deaf and blind
And when you shoot me down
I wanna be the guilty one

Adventures and plans have gone by
I’m an empty box
I have no pride
I’ve lost my pride.

If I start thinking about myself I'll become like you, I'll be like them,
Running and hiding, playing dead, that’s not for me, I'm not like that
Gonna try to help though I fuck it up, at least I know I gave a shot
And when I'm gone, when I'm rotten dead, forget me world
As soon as you can

I know I'm not special, I'm not gonna be somebody else
Feed me poison, shoot me led, nothing happens
Cause I couldn't be more dead

But I love the sound of the waves
(sound of the waves, sound of the waves)
And I love the blue of the sky
(all my thoughts and all my dreams)
Gonna try to live my life as I can,
(sound of the waves, sound of the waves)
Cause I love the sound of the waves
(sounds of the waves, they're drowning me)

Few beautiful moments of pure joy and pain,
Decisions we made, are all in vain

(Pick me up, then brake me down)

You're all in vain...
(Lift me up, then smack me down)

I am not like you
I'm not gonna be like you
I am not like you
I'm not gonna be like you
Track Name: Atlantis
By the pillars of the city of Atlantis
Here we are endangered species
Upon the moats and the trenches of Atlantis
Still we are another species

So you've done your boobs
And you've dyed your hair
See you've done your boobs
Fuckin' great yeah

Beneath the images of glory of Atlantis
Lies a bum in a puddle of his own piss
By the hieroglyphics of the stories of Atlantis
Dies a bum in a puddle of his own piss

Every bum dreams of home
And when he finds it it’s a place of his soul
Every bum dreams of hope
And when he finds it it’s a face of his soul
You and I we need a home
You and I we need a home

A place to breath
A place to sleep
Tell me where to stand
And when to sit

A place to breed
A place to sleep
A place
A place
A place

Fuck the glitter and the glory of Atlantis,
You and me, can we be another species
Never mind the shimmer and the lies of Atlantis
Please remain a different species.

All you see is all you get.

Welcome to the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Atlantis.
Have a nice day.